Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you to the one who, by their unexpected gesture, has granted us the briefest of reconciliations here in our American woodland home. While I will not arrive here for some weeks I am already here in my heart!


Julia said...

Hi Helen,

It's always hard when I read about another couple's plight so similar to my own.

I left Cape Town, South Africa, for the first time in November of 2006; I'd lost my real estate corporate job, my uncle had died and my family gone insane. I'd needed a fresh start.

I met my Texas Rose and my whole life changed. Within four months of knowing each other, we'd gotten engaged and I had to leave the country to return to SA. My parents did not, and still don't, approve of our relationship.

Every winter since then, we've been able to be together working for the same company. However, every summer, we've been apart, as my work visa is only valid for six months at a time, and I had to go where the work was.

Each time I've flown out of Denver International has been hard, and we've used the shuttle service to make things easier on us.

Last year I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and my luck with visa extensions ran out in April, and I flew out of Denver on April 30th.

At least we were able to get married in California on Oct 25th, such a special day.
We're trying to get into Canada, but with the economy and my illness, we don't know if this will happen. As it is, we're looking at only seeing each other again in two years time. 24 months. Too many days to think about.

At least Skype is helping, but today... is not a good day for me. I'm really missing her and doing my best not to break out in tears at the smallest thought.

Thank you for your kind words on IE's blog. It helps to know that there are others in virtually the same story as ours.


Helen said...

Julia thank you for passing by here and giving me such insight into your story. I read your comment in the middle of the night out here in New Zealand and I wanted to reach out and hug you. Your hardship and pain are so evident there in your words but so is your love for your partner and your determination to hold on. It seems that like Cas and me (and so many others) you too are up against the wall. We must all hold on Julia ~ I believe that Obama WILL come through for us!
If it helps in some small way please visit here as often as you can and know that there are so many of us who empathise and care!

Love ~ Helen

James said...

Hi Helen,
Your stories make me feel very sad. I am sorry you two have to be separated. I am in the same situation. I think we've even e-mailed each other in the past. I am looking forward to tomorrow's hearing as well. I will be home though 30 minutes after it starts. I am hoping they have it online later, too....Let's keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow!

James in Amsterdam

Helen said...

Hi James
Yes I recall we did connect once before. You are so VERY welcome here! I feel for you and your partner too James and hope that we can keep in touch.
What a morning it was there in Washington DC. Our community are spread all over the world but it did feel to me like all 36000 couples were squeezed into that small room!
Hugs to you both