Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thanks Be To This Man!

New Zealand is I believe the first country in the world to see the light of both the new day and of the New Year. For me the opening moment of 2008 here in New Zealand were spent in silence and solitude and marked by my personal prayers for peace. Eighteen hours later East Coast America rolled on into 2008. This second New Years celebration was for me a much more gregarious affair! Though I was not physically there my voice and my laughter still resonated through our American home, courtesy of Alexander Graham Bell and his miraculous invention! While I sat on my bed in New Zealand in a room bathed in late afternoon sunlight with all my windows wide open and a glass of cool New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in hand my American love, our friend and our five cats piled under blankets as the temperature plunged and snow fell out there in my beloved woods just beyond the french doors. There can be no greater contrast, surely, than midsummer sun and snowflakes and no greater indicator of the vast distance that lies between us. Yet when midnight struck on the East Coast of America it was as if we were both together in the same room. Because of the telephone she felt so close it was as if I could reach out and touch her.

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