Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From Helen To Helen

I was so grateful for your kind enquiry as to how the great love of my life is faring following her car accident. Her whiplash injuries are taking some time to heal but she is a strong woman and, in terms of character, a force to be reckoned with and I know it will take more than a bout of whiplash to bring her down. Sadly though while she was recuperating with family our little house in the woods was broken into and the place ransacked and burgled. Even from ten thousand miles away I feel grossly violated. It saddens me that I cannot be there with her to take care of her injuries and to bless our home and reaffirm it as a place of peace and love.


Taylor said...

Good Gracious, Helen...The energy vampires are paying you a holiday visit. Don't let them leech all your positive energies. Kick their butts out the door with gusto.
I'm sending you a cyberspace umbrella to shield you from the hard pouring rain that's clouded about you. It's a magical umbrella that attracts rainbows.
Having been a victim of a home invasion, I can relate to the discomforting negative fields it leaves in its wake. I pray God removes all the feel of it quickly, and helps you regain the comfort of yer abode.
Also I understand your pain of separation from the heart you've chosen to love. But I'm sure she feels yer love wrapped around her.
Yeah, whiplash stoves you up for many a day. Has you walking about like a robot, all stiffened. But just as you said, she'll battle the pain and move through it.
Know that I've added you to me prayers.
Walk into the rainbows, Helen.
And may God be with you.
Peace and Light,

Helen said...

Bless you Taylor. Your prayers are so very welcome right now!