Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rush On By

People do rush about so! Perhaps the sensation of excessive speed is to be expected when one drives a car but even when I walk others rush past me on foot!! I am perplexed by all this hurrying. It doesnt seem to me that the world is a better place for it. Of course things will speed up even more for me soon when I arrive in New York! "Leisurely dining here in this city" I commented once to my American friends "is eating walking along the street rather than running!" When I fly back into New Zealand from America it seems as if someone has slowed the pace of the world down several notches. But even here there seems undue haste. Still, I tell myself, this works in my favour as I never have to jostle for position in my botanical gardens to watch a droplet of dew swell from the tip of a leaf and cut a path through the smokey autumn air as it falls to the silent earth. No. There at such events I am always alone.

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