Thursday, June 28, 2007

Orange Coloured Memories

Autumn in New Zealand is always a whirlwind time for me. There are a flurry of celebrations and photo ops that I must attend in my botanical gardens. But now winter is upon us and in the ensuing silence it is only my memories that are orange. One such memory is of a single perfectly ripe persimmon which I consumed just a few weeks ago. I posted the evidence here on my blog. The glistening persimmon shell. That I did not comment on this at the time and that I barely had time to post the photo indicates what a whirlwind time that was. One breathless orange celebration after another. I try always to pen a note of appreciation after such events but this persimmon was overlooked somehow.

And persimmons, being the sort of fruit they are, do not care for being overlooked. And so I am busy right now. Writing my belated thank you note to that empty persimmon shell.

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